Ambleside Homeschool Mentor Program Agreement

Ambleside Schools International agrees to provide the following services and resources for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • Provide consulting through one hour long phone consultations from an ASI master teacher over the next school year (totaling 30 hours or 15 for Kindergarten). If more calls are needed there will be an additional cost. The purpose of these consults would be to assist you in instructing the children using the ASI curriculum and Ambleside Method, consultation to shore up student’s growth, and oversight in student’s weekly work.
  • Furnish you with some supplemental resources such as sequences for mental arithmetic, phonics, grammar and composition, as well as science observations and experiments, sequences for some areas of science, history, and citizenship.
  • Oversee the examination process two times within the school year (writing exam questions, evaluating students’ responses, and provide standardized exams for math, grammar, and reading).
  • Give continued inspiration and education for you as a teacher through formation lessons and instruction in teaching, assessing, and “supporting student weaknesses and informing student ignorance”.
  • Provide access to ASI’s Teachers Support Site to see examples of student work and other resources.
  • Attend all AHS monthly Conference Calls during the school year.
  • Ideally, the curriculum and resources would be licensed for one year from June 15, 2019, through June 14, 2020, for your exclusive personal use.