Deceptive Brain Messages

At any given moment, our amazing brains direct our reactions to life circumstances by integrating current experience with past experience and doing so along habitual lines. Our brains are organs of habit, responding according to established patterns of networked nerve cells. With a little self-reflection, it is easy to recognize that our brain responses are at times less-than-helpful and can even be quite destructive.  In their book, You are Not Your Brain, Jeffrey Schwartz and Rebecca Gladding identify these brain responses as “deceptive brain messages.”

A System easier than a Method

A System easier than a Method

(Part 3 of 5)

A System easier than a Method.––A 'system of education' is an alluring fancy; more so, on some counts, than a method, because it is pledged to more definite calculable results. By means of a system certain developments may be brought about through the observance of given rules. Shorthand, dancing, how to pass examinations, how to become a good accountant, or a woman of society, may all be learned upon systems.

The Spiritual Mind

While reading A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason this morning, I was struck by the relevance of Charlotte Mason's words to the work of Jeffrey Schwartz.  Jeffrey Schwartz, who ASI is hosting September 27th of this year, wrote a book titled You Are Not Your Brain.  I read it over a year ago and many ideas have taken root.  One overarching idea is that the mind is distinct from the brain and capable of changing the way the brain processes input and, therefore, output.


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