The Gift of Love and Gladness

In the days before Christmas, anxiety about the holidays is heard in many exchanges with family, friend, and stranger. Topics vary from decorations, shopping, baking, guests, travel, to the most menacing of all  - the illusive gift for that special someone. Charlotte Mason speaks about “a shade of anxiety in the mother’s face as she plans for the holidays.”  We all have had experiences of being around persons who are anxious; no help is needed; yet all help is needed. One is in a quandary of just how to be and act in an atmosphere of anxiety.

In order to not have ourselves and our loved ones breathe in this anxiety, one must break away and come to Him.  Our hearts cry out with the children, “ Come to earth O, tiny King, take away our sadness. At your birth our hearts will sing filled with hope and gladness.”   The young children of Ambleside School of Fredericksburg sang these melodies repeatedly with increased volume as the resonance of the vowels of each word were emphasized – resounding the message of come King, take away and bring.

Come away from the anxious thoughts and multitude of tasks and come to the King – receive his love and joy. And in these days of Christmastime, may you be a conduit of Jesus’ gladness and love to all. Happy Christmas to You!